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cinamon tea
cinamon tea
cinamon tea
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Specification of cinamon tea

Cinnamon (Cinnamomun) Cinnamon has a long history both as a seasoning and as a medicine. In ancient times the spices had a distinctive aroma, the sweet taste and warm it, considered more valuable than gold. Because it can be used as mixture for embalmed (preservative of the bodies). Nowadays cinnamon is widely used as a herb. This is caused in cinnamon contains: a strong Anti Microbial, anti inflammatory, anti-clotting (blood clotting), anti oxidant, polyphenols, minerals (kalsium, manganese, iron), the active substance cinnamaldenyde, cinnamyl acetate, etc. Benefits of cinnamon: • control blood sugar • Improve brain function • Prevents heart disease • improve the function of the large intestine • prevent cancer • improves blood circulation • Reduce kolestrol evil • Prevent parkinson's • Relieve a sore throat • Reduce arthritic pain Instant Tea Cinnamon Cider Racik Is the production cinnamon tea drinks CV. Son of Farma Yogyakarta prepared from the skin of ka

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