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Jasmine tea
Jasmine tea
Jasmine tea
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Specification of Jasmine tea

Pandan Leaf (Pandanus Amarylifolius Raxb) Pandan leaves at umunya used as spices which serves to give the green color in food or drink, and is also used to provide a scent on the food we eat is so fresh and fragrant. One of screwpine characteristic odor is fragrant if scrunched. In addition to use as a coloring and natural deodorizers on the food and drink, pandanus including plant "Pharmacy" is useful to lighten bvariety of diseases because many a wide variety of Substances contained in the pandan leaves, such as: alkoloid, tannins, saponins, palifenal, and flavoida. Adapapun pandan leaves benefits such as: • relieve rheumatic diseases • overcoming insomania (sleeplessness) • lowers high blood pressure Jasmine Tea Instant Racik Sari Is a drink made of tea production instant son of Farma Yogyakarta prepared from fresh pandan leaves have a flavor choice favors & fresh.

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