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Vegifit Herbal Drinks To Whitish
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Specification of Vegifit Herbal Drinks To Whitish

Vegifit Packaged In Aluminum Foil Packaging Dipacing In Dos.Berat 220Gr.Vegifit Can Be Consumed By Adult Women, Elderly, And Youth Putri.Aman For Consumption Because It Contains No Chemicals.
Vegifit Instant Sugar Made ​​From The Sap Herbs And Spices Native Indonesia.Bisa Taken Daily To Maintain The Health Of The Female Sex Organs.
1 Tablespoon Vegifit Brewed With Hot Water And Dingin.Dan Vegifit Ready Dinikmati.Dengan Fresh Flavor And Aroma That Makes Vegifit Is Preferred, Because It Is Not Like Drinking Jamu.Rasanya Are Tasty And Delicious.

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