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Bulk Tea

CV Putra Farma is a producer of instant drinks with a variety of flavors. Putra Farma provides finished products with the Racik Sari label, which also provides bulk materials (non-label) that you can market with your own brand with complete licensing.

Tea is a drinkable plant containing caffeine, tea is made by brewing leaves, shoots, or leaf stalks dried in hot water. The term "tea" is also used for drinks made from fruit, herbs or other medicinal plants that are brewed, for example, rosehip tea, camomile, chrysanthemum. Tea that does not contain tea leaves is called herbal tea.

Tea is a natural source of caffeine, theophylline and antioxidants with fat, carbohydrate or protein content close to zero percent. Tea when drunk tastes a little bitter which is its own pleasure from tea.

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